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How can i tell if my toe is broken?

How can i tell if my toe is broken?
Get some ice.This will bring down the swelling, and reduce your healing time.for a toe I'd ice for 5 mins .. not a whole lot of circulation in the toes and fingertips so don't overdo it.
Do this regardless of the type of injury, just reduce the swelling.

Now how to tell if you have a broken bone.The quickest and easiest way to tell is to use a tuning fork.I usually use a couple of 512 and 128 tuning forks to detect a fracture.If it's broke, it'll send you through the roof.The vibrations from the handle of the tuning fork vibrate the perioesteum of the bone causing pain.If you don't have a tuning fork, put your toe in front of a speaker (woofer preferably) the vibrations from the speaker will vibrate the bone as well.

Actually diagnosed a fractured elbow at a night club.A friend slipped on the ice outside a club before coming in.The person stated the pounding of the music was hurting his elbow.X-ray confirmed the fracture at the hospital later that night

Good Luck

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